Cinema Fearité Presents Rick Rosenthal’s ‘Bad Boys,’ Not Michael Bay’s

Cinema Fearité presents ‘Bad Boys’ Sean Penn put himself on the map as a serious actor with Rick Rosenthal’s ‘Bad Boys.’ The era of modern cable television can be confusing and frustrating. One could be surfing through the channel guide and see Gladiator, but end up watching a movie about underground boxing instead of Roman […]

‘Red Army’ – Tales Of The Cold War Played Out In A Hockey Rink

When sports fans think about dynasties, there are certain names that come to mind.  The New York Yankees have dominated Major League Baseball for nearly a hundred years.  The Chicago Bulls of the nineties ruled the basketball courts.  The National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers won five Super Bowls in the eighties and early nineties.  […]

Get Him To The Greek

Synopsis: A record label representative must get a rockstar to The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Release Date: June 4, 2010     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Comedy, Film Review Production It is raunchy, unpredictable, out of control at times, and always hilarious. It is also sweet on sentiment and a story about two unlikely men who […]

‘Alien Abduction’ Is Creatively Clever For A Found-Footage Horror Flick

Synopsis: A vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this pulse-pounding thriller based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina. Official Website: Release Date: April 4, 2014     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Horror, Thriller Film Review Production The brown mountain lights are a phenomenon known to those residing in North Carolina. They […]

The New Trailer For ‘The Expendables 3’ Has SO MUCH TESTOSTERONE!!!

If you are looking for an action-packed testosterone filled ride of a movie look no further than The Expendables 3.  The new trailer makes the point quite clear, and the fact that the movie features the most action stars in one place, ever. If you are looking for an action-packed testosterone filled ride of a […]

‘Good Kill’ Is This Generation’s ‘Top Gun,’ But With A Conscience

Synopsis: A family man begins to question the ethics of his job as a drone pilot. Release Date: May 22, 2015     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Drama, Thriller Film Review Production Just as war has changed over the years, so have war movies. It was only a matter of time until someone made a movie about […]

Jean-Pierre And Luc Dardenne Let Marion Cotillard Shine In ‘Two Days, One Night’

Synopsis: Sandra (Cotillard) has just returned to work after recovering from an illness. Realizing that the company can operate with one less employee, management tells Sandra she is to be let go while the remaining employees will each receive a bonus. Over the course of a weekend, Sandra, often with the help of her loving husband […]