Justin Long in a Teeny Weeny Red Speedo and More Hilarity with New Images from The Farrelly Brothers Movie 43

The Farrelly Brothers are back to their old tricks–at least we hope they are–in Movie 43, starring Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Leslie Bibb, Kate Bosworth, Gerard Butler, Bobby Cannavale, Kieran Culkin, Josh Duhamel, Anna Faris, Richard Gere, John Hodgman, Terrence Howard,  Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Justin Long, Stephen Merchant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace […]


Synopsis: Haunted by a tragic past, Marine Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home for the first time in fourteen years to enlist the help of his father (Nick Nolte) to train for Sparta, the biggest winner-takes-all event in mixed martial arts history. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path toward the championship while his brother, Brendan […]

‘Lost In Paris’ Turns A Rough Vacation Into A Comedic Showcase

Synopsis: Fiona visits Paris for the first time to assist her myopic Aunt Martha. Catastrophes ensue, mainly involving Dom, a homeless man who has yet to have an emotion or thought he was afraid of expressing. Release Date: August 4, 2017     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Comedy, Film Review Production For the past ten years or […]

‘Abattoir’ Turns The Standard Modern Haunted House Movie On Its Head

Synopsis: An investigative reporter teams up with a Police officer to solve the mystery of why a seemingly good man murdered her sister’s family. Release Date: December 9, 2016     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Horror, Thriller Film Review Production The definition of the word “abattoir” is “slaughterhouse.” While that’s not exactly what goes on in Abattoir, […]

There’s Not Much To Fear Within The Darkness Of ‘Lights Out’

Synopsis: When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie. Release Date: July 22, 2016     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Horror, Film Review Production A […]


Synopsis: Based on astonishing true events, COMPLIANCE is the story of Sandra (Ann Dowd), an overworked manager at a fast food restaurant, who receives a call from a police officer accusing one of her employees, a teenage girl named Becky (Dreama Walker), of stealing from a customer. Taking the officer at his word, Sandra detains Becky, […]

‘Kill Me Three Times’ – The Best Tarantino Movie That Tarantino Never Made

Synopsis: Professional hit-man Charlie Wolfe finds himself in three tales of murder, blackmail and revenge after a botched contract assignment. Release Date: April 10, 2015     MPAA Rating: PG-13 Genre(s): Action, Thriller Film Review Production Simon Pegg is best known as one of the creative forces behind the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy consisting of Shaun of […]