By Kathryn Schroeder
Released: July 9, 2010
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Film Review
The hunters become the hunted but not with such great effect. In a definite pull from the short story, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, Predators merely goes through the motions but never gains great momentum. The film begins by plunging the characters straight into an unknown jungle. No one knows each other but they all have similar backgrounds, they are trained killers. They soon discover this is not an exercise in their own skill but a planet in another world where an unknown species hunt game. The game is of course the humans. What follows is a series of run, hide, and stay alive for all involved. The predators are as always deadly and highly intelligent but we see very little of their skills in the film. Most of the time is spent in conversation with the humans as they discuss how to stay alive from an unknown enemy. When the predators do make an appearance it is hardly with any great surprise or terror. The film as a whole ends up being more of a piece about human vs. animal nature. Given such a circumstance, what do you value more, your own life or the life of others? What is more important, to stay alive or die with honor protecting another? As much as it tries to be more of an introspective piece of filmmaking it cannot overcome its own obstacle: the expectation of violence and gore. Neither of which are provided to a great level. Nor can it escape the fact that none of the characters are someone you want to see survive, or find redemption in, to care enough about what they have to say or what choices they will make in the end. Had there been more action, plot twists, and mystery's developed you could do without easily the failure to connect with the character's. Since none of these things are present after the first act of the film you desperately need something more to grasp onto and hold your attention. That something never develops. If you do not mind sitting through a film that continually suspends you into waiting and watching for something to happen then this will not disappoint. If you care more for non-stop action and some serious blood spilling then better to take a pass.

Horror, Science Fiction
Release Date
July 9, 2010
MPAA Rating
Running Time
107 minutes
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