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Frame of Mind: Witchboard

by James Jay Edwards

WitchtrapHorror movie titles can be confusing, and we’re not just talking about the endless sequels, remakes, and movies that are called Don’t (insert activity here).  There are the completely different movies that share a common name like Stage Fright, Beneath, or The Boy.  There are the very similarly titled movies that are often mistaken for each other, such as Trick or Treats, Trick or Treat, and Trick ‘r Treat.  It only adds to the quagmire when the same director makes two different movies with titles that are very much alike, such as what writer/director Kevin S. Tenney (Night of the Demons) did when he followed up his 1986 classic Witchboard with his 1989 offering Witchtrap.

by James Jay Edwards

WitchboardThere is no horror movie prop that strikes fear into the hearts of viewers quite like the Ouija board.  Some say it’s a portal to another dimension, others say it’s a silly game by Parker Brothers, but no one quite understands how or why the device behaves the way it does.  One thing is for sure; whether appearing in classic films like The Uninvited and The Exorcist, or in more modern movies like Paranormal Activity and What Lies Beneath, the Ouija board (also known as a talking board or a spirit board) has carved itself out a seemingly permanent place in horror movie culture.  The debatable king of the Ouija board horror movies is the 1986 spook-fest Witchboard.

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