By Kathryn Schroeder
Released: August 21, 2009
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Film Review
In order to suspend your disbelief for however many minutes a film is, it needs to have a coherent structure. This film lacks any form of real structure. The whole movie is told via voiceover and utilizes a pause, rewind, fast-forward feature usually reserved for home viewing of a television show. It does not translate well onto film, especially in a movie theater. To say there is a beginning, middle, and end is impossible as it continually switches to various 'shorts' to tell parts of the story. The idea is that a kids memory cannot recall a whole story so they must tell what they remember or know. It may be a dream for someone with a short attention span since each short in itself is a mini-film, but for anyone who can actually focus for more than ten minutes at a time it feels incomplete. Sure, it has special effects, a tiny bit of imagination, and a couple cute kids but it does not have anything that truly grounds you in the story.
Special Effects
The effects in this film are a grave disappointment. Not for lack of trying but for the cheap way they try and hide the poorly created effects throughout. There is a constant use of quick editing cuts when dealing with certain effects to mask the low standards. This may not be true for all of the effects - the tiny alien spacecrafts are exceptional, as is the final 'short' that features all sorts of fun things. The question lingers, as you leave the theater...does a grand finish make up for the bad that came before it? I do not think so.

Children and Family, Comedy, Fantasy
Release Date
August 21, 2009
MPAA Rating
Running Time
90 minutes
Story Time
Time Period
Present Day
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Casting Director
Music Score
Special Effects