A letter from our creator:
When we decided to create this website many people questioned the idea. A website that focuses on distinct elements of a film, not a film as a whole, was something they believed would not be of interest to the general public. The comment, "do people really care?" was spoken time and time again. Our response, "we believe they do". For all those that questioned the idea there came to be more who were excited about the concept; and so Film Fracture was born.
Who We Are
Our Reviewers are all film scholars, in their own right. Some have been published in journals; others work in the field as producers, editors, directors, and screenwriters. Many work on other sites writing standardized reviews. What we all share is a passion for filmmaking, and a deep respect for the hard work that goes into creating a film. This is why we want to share our analysis on the aesthetics of a film.
At the end of the day all of us agree that the reason we go to see a movie at the Cineplex, or pop in an old favorite on DVD, is not necessarily because the film is one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time, in every respect. No, we pick and choose based on what we want to watch, or experience, or be in awe of, at that particular moment. How many times have I watched Memento purely to revel in the editing technique? Numerous. Or Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End to hear the amazing sound mixing? Dozens. What about the special effects in Jurassic Park? Amazing, even after over a decade.
As for the reviews, they are meant to be free of bias, made on a blank canvas, so to speak. When we watch a film our eyes, and ears, are completely open to every aspect of the film. Of course, there are certain things we specifically look for based on the type of movie we are watching in order to please our public. You do want to know if a comedy is funny, right? The key here is that we do not stop there. It is all about seeing every element in a film as individual works of art. Individual pieces that can stand on their own in deciding whether or not you watch the movie.
Our reviewer's work very hard to bring you these reviews and they welcome your feedback. Whether you agree with their review or not they always welcome comments and even suggestions. We do not want to remain anonymous to our readers, if you have something to say, say it.
Our Goal
It is not our intent to change film criticism, only to add to its function in the world of film. If a person prefers to read the standard newspaper style critique that is perfectly fine, some of us still do also. If they are looking for something different, we offer it to them happily. We only wish to offer film lovers an opportunity to “know” exactly what they can expect from a film, on every level. If you are in the mood for a comedy and wondering if the film is actually funny, regardless of the story, we can tell you. If you want to see some awesome special effects that will bewilder you in your seat, and do not really care if the acting is groundbreaking, we are at your service. As I say to my friends and family all the time: “sometimes I just want to watch something blow up”. Perhaps you feel the same way.
In Closing
This site is not about preaching to the public what you should see and what you should avoid. Instead, it is about giving you the option to see a film that sparks your interest based on what it has to offer, or what it fails at offering. You may have thought a film was not worth seeing, based on what you had read or the trailer you saw, but if our site can possibly change your mind by giving you a greater insight into something wonderful about that film, we have done our job. If you have been excited to see a film for a specific reason for months and read our review only to see that what you had hoped for it fails miserably at providing, well, we just saved you a few bucks, and precious time.